1970 - 1975

Here are some very old photos, taken before we had a digital camera, that have been scanned in for this page. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

Anne with Philip and her Mum, Eastbourne 1970 Paul at Hazeldene, 1970
Paul, Anne, Peter, Sue, Hailsham 1972 Peter, Sue, Anne and Paul, Hailsham 1972
RGO, Herstmonceux 1972 (Lawrence, PRudd, Anne, Paul and Robert) Paul and Anne, RGO, Herstmonceux 1972
Paul and Anne, Dewar Tait's party, Cambridge 1973 Paul and Anne, Allan Palmer's house at Basingstoke, 1974
Hazeldene 1974 Roger and Jean's wedding, Manchester 1974
Roger and Jean's wedding, Manchester 1974 Anne, Surrey University, 4th Court, 1975
Paul, Surrey University, 4th Court, 1975 Paul, Leith Hill, 1975
Paul and chicken, Hazeldene, 1974 Anne with chicken, Hazeldene, 1974
Anne at Brighton, 1974 Anne in a field, 1974
Anne at Brighton with her birthday flowers, 1974 Anne at Hazeldene, Herstmonceux, 1974
Anne's Mum and Aunts, Brighton, 1974 Anne in red bikini, 1974
Anne's Dad and brother Philip, 1974 Anne's Dad, 1974
Anne, 1974 Paul, 1974
Anne at Friston Forest, Eastbourne, 1974 Paul, 1974
Paul, 1974 Paul, Jersey, 1974
Paul, swimming, Jersey 1974 Portelet, Jersey, 1974
Paul, Triangulation station, 1974 Anne, Dartmoor, 1975
Holcombe Head Hotel, 1975 Anne, Holcombe Head Beach, Devon, 1975
Paul, Dartmoor, 1975 Paul and Ford Anglia JMV379B, Hazeldene, 1975

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