Here are some very old photos, taken before we had a digital camera - they have been scanned in for this page. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

Anne, pregnant with Adrian, Farnborough 1980 Paul and Ambrose, Farnborough 1980
Farnborough, May 1980 Anne, Adrian, Sue, Barry, Pevensey Bay 1980
Sue and Gonzales Murrillo (kids Alex and Jo),  Pevensey Bay 1980 Pevensey Bay 1980
Nanny, Grandad and Adrian 1980 Paul and Anne, Pevensey Bay 1980
Hawley Lake, 1980 Grandad and Adrian, 1980
Phil and Linda's wedding, July 1980 Adrian, 1981
With Adrian at Pevensey Bay, 1981 Mum, Dad and Lindsey, 1981
Mum, Dad and Adrian, 1981, Farnborough Farnborough 1981
New Forest with Roger, Jean and Leah, 1981 Adrian and Baby Lindsey, 1981
Lindsey, 1981 Lindsey, 1982
Adrian, Barry on Teddy, Pevensey Bay, 1982 Philip, Linda, Lindsey's Christening, 1982
Mum, Dad, Adrian, Lindsey, 1982 Anne and Lindsey, 1982
Adrian, Loch Lomond, 1983 Scotland 1983
Adrian and Lindsey, Chichester 1982 Adrian 3rd birthday, 1983
Adrian 3rd birthday, 1983 Brantwood, 1983
Grandma, Pops, Paul, Anne, Adrian & Lindsey - Brantwood, Lake Coniston, 1983 Cambridge reunion, Farnborough 1983
Brantwood, 1983 Kingsbridge, Devon, 1983
Adrian, Lindsey, Dartmoor 1983 Kingsbridge, Devon, 1983
Kingsbridge, Devon, 1983 Lake District, 1983
Lake District, 1983 Paul and Adrian, 1983
Lindsey 'the look' Adrian, Lindsey and cousin Andy, 1983
Anne, Farnborough, Sept 1983 RAE Xmas party 1983
RAE Xmas party 1983 Fishing, Xmas 1983
RAE Xmas party 1983 Lindsey, Xmas, Farnborough, 1983
Adrian, Xmas, Farnborough, 1983 Xmas, Pevensey Bay, 1983
Xmas, Pevensey Bay, 1983 Xmas, Brighton, 1983
Adrian and Lindsey, Xmas, Farnborough, 1983    

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