Here are some old photos, taken before we had a digital camera - they have been scanned in for this page. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

ade89.jpg (33385 bytes) Adrian abi89.jpg (37756 bytes) Abigail
lins89.jpg (45606 bytes) Lindsey jen89.jpg (26366 bytes) Jennifer
abibd89.jpg (55277 bytes) Abigail's Birthday jen89c.jpg (35514 bytes) Jennifer
abifirstdayschool89.jpg (27766 bytes) Abigail's first day at school annejen89.jpg (31724 bytes) Anne and Jennifer
jenbd89.jpg (29027 bytes) Jennifer's first birthday roundhill89.jpg (28523 bytes) Camping at Roundhill, New Forest
jen89b.jpg (38034 bytes) Jennifer in a mess !! annecamber89.jpg (20232 bytes) Anne at Camber Sands
linscambersands89.jpg (25614 bytes) Lindsey and Laurie-Jane at Haven, Camber Sands lins-cricketstthomas.jpg (44839 bytes) Lindsey at Cricket St.Thomas
chideocksun89.jpg (18514 bytes) Adrian and Paul, Chideock  chideocksun89-2.jpg (32780 bytes) Camping at Chideock
All at Haven Adrian Marching with the Cubs
Adrian, a cub dressed up as a Brownie, winning the George Duval competition Jennifer in her baby swing
Jennifer eating a Penguin ! Adrian and Rosie

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