Here are some old photos, taken before we had a digital camera, that have been scanned in for this page. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

dales90.jpg (56510 bytes) Holiday in Yorkshire Dales dales90b.jpg (59829 bytes) Relaxing in the sun at the top of Malham Cove
abimalhamcove90.jpg (47680 bytes) Abigail at the top of Malham Cove lowchapel2.jpg (63688 bytes) Low Chapel Farmhouse, Dent, Yorkshire Dales
lowchapel90.jpg (43192 bytes) Adrian and Paul, Low Chapel Farmhouse lowchapel90b.jpg (22625 bytes) Jennifer, Low Chapel Farmhouse
lowchapel90c.jpg (37084 bytes) Anne and Jennifer, Low Chapel Farmhouse jen90.jpg (38909 bytes) Jennifer
abitraing90.jpg (36641 bytes) Abigail on the Triangulation Point, Hawley Woods adewoods90.jpg (45507 bytes) Adrian in Hawley Woods
dad90.jpg (31444 bytes) Paul with Mustang model aeroplane adeplane90.jpg (29995 bytes) Adrian with Mustang model aeroplane
adedadcaister90.jpg (24126 bytes) Adrian and Paul at Caister caister90b.jpg (27700 bytes) Anne, Lindsey, Jennifer in the Ball Pond, Caister
caister90.jpg (32994 bytes) Adrian, Lindsey and Abigail, Caister jen-johnsandrashouse90.jpg (27939 bytes) Jennifer at Sandra and John's house, Tangmere 
johnsandrashouse90.jpg (39617 bytes) Adrian, Lindsey, Abigail and cousins Andrew and Christopher at Sandra and John's house, Tangmere nanny60.jpg (49168 bytes) Lindsey with Nanny on her 60th Birthday 
schoolfete90.jpg (34860 bytes) Anne and Lindsey at the Manor Junior School Summer fete xmas90paul.jpg (30924 bytes) Paul, Christmas 1990
abixmas90a.jpg (25769 bytes) Abigail in Peter Pan outfit abixmas90.jpg (43312 bytes) Abigail, Christmas 1990
jenxmas90.jpg (38301 bytes) Jennifer, Christmas 1990 linsxmas90.jpg (33629 bytes) Lindsey, Christmas 1990
xmas90.jpg (37324 bytes) Lindsey, Christmas 1990 xmas90ade.jpg (44278 bytes) Adrian, Christmas 1990
xmas90nangran.jpg (39095 bytes) Nanny and Grandad, Christmas 1990 Xmas in Brighton

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