Here are some old photos, taken before we had a digital camera, that have been scanned in for this page. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

annepaul91.jpg (38149 bytes) Anne and Paul grandma91b.jpg (52636 bytes) The family with our new car, the Daihatsu Fourtrak, August 1991
adecoveschoolstart91.jpg (30601 bytes) Adrian starting at Cove Senior School linspunkxmas91.jpg (19088 bytes) Lindsey as a punk, Christmas 1991
home91.jpg (53605 bytes) Home in the garden at Farnborough with Nanny and Grandad sanjohnsilverwed91.jpg (43206 bytes) Sandra and John's Silver Wedding
sanjohnsilverwed91b.jpg (45962 bytes) Anne and the children at Sandra and John's Silver wedding paul40.jpg (39006 bytes) Paul's 40th Birthday
rubywedd91.jpg (52915 bytes) Nanny and Grandad's Ruby Wedding rubywedd91b.jpg (45423 bytes) Nanny and Grandad's Ruby Wedding = with all the Grandchildren
rubywedd91-medal.jpg (44210 bytes) Grandad getting his long service medal from Paul at his Ruby Wedding party linsredridinghoodschoolxmas91.jpg (20683 bytes) Lindsey as Red Riding Hood in the Manor Junior School Christmas play
lins-brownieplayxmas91.jpg (40970 bytes) Lindsey as Prince Charming in the Brownie Christmas play jen91.jpg (39188 bytes) Jennifer
abiangelxmas91.jpg (33849 bytes) Abigail as an Angel, Manor Infant School Christmas play abixmas91.jpg (36762 bytes) Abigail, Christmas 1991 
adexmas91.jpg (33559 bytes) Adrian with his Boglin, Christmas 1991 grandma91.jpg (37020 bytes) Grandma, Barry and children, Christmas 1991  
gmasapril91.jpg (37342 bytes) Adrian, Lindsey, Abigail, Jennifer,  Barry, Jon and Nicola xmas91b.jpg (28682 bytes) Christmas morning 1991
xmas91.jpg (40544 bytes) Anne and Adrian with his new TV, Christmas 1991  xmas91brighton.jpg (62401 bytes) Adrian, Lindsey, Abigail, Jennifer, Anne, Nanny and Grandad, Brighton, Christmas 1991

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