Holidays 1991

Here are some old photos, taken before we had a digital camera, that have been scanned in for this page. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

bovtank91.jpg (53891 bytes) Grandad and Grandchildren, Bovington Tank Museum 3cliffsbay91.jpg (29552 bytes) Adrian, Lindsey and Abigail, Three Cliffs Bay, Gower
3cliffsbay91b.jpg (42380 bytes) Anne and children, Three Cliffs Bay, Gower wippywobbysandcastle3cliffs91.jpg (48957 bytes) Abigail and the Wippy-Wobby Sandcastle, Three Cliffs Bay, Gower
dartmoor91.jpg (35923 bytes) Children on Dartmoor goldensandsmay91.jpg (42200 bytes) Anne and Adrian, Golden Sands
goldensandsmay91b.jpg (36457 bytes) Anne and children, Teignmouth goldensandsmay91c.jpg (40725 bytes) Abigail, Golden Sands - coming second in talent competition
minhorsecentre91b-wobbly.jpg (57783 bytes) Jennifer having a wobbly at the miniature horse centre minhorsecentre91b.jpg (29125 bytes) Abigail at the miniature horse centre
minhorsecentre91.jpg (28560 bytes) Paul and Anne at the miniature horse centre Image1.jpg (77439 bytes) Anne
symondsyat91.jpg (36703 bytes) Adrian and Lindsey, Symonds Yat, Forest of Dean forestdean91.jpg (54619 bytes) Children, Forest of Dean, Sculpture Walk 
newforestmar91.jpg (68675 bytes) Anne and children, walking in the New Forest goldensands91.jpg (44247 bytes) Anne, Aunts, Grandad, Nanny and Philip, Golden Sands 
germans-savernake91.jpg (30385 bytes) Jennifer - Germans !!, Savernake Forest pentewan91d.jpg (45832 bytes) Pentewan Sands  
pentewan91.jpg (45168 bytes) Anne and Jennifer, Pentewan Sands pentewan91b.jpg (30300 bytes) Abigail, Jennifer, Nicola, Anne, Paul, Peter and Michelle, Pentewan Sands
pentewan91e.jpg (27981 bytes) Anne and children, Pentewan Sands pentewan91c.jpg (34286 bytes) Adrian and Barry, Pentewan Sands
Image3.jpg (38941 bytes) Haven Littlesea Bovington Tank Museum - Little Willie
Model trains near Buckfastleigh    

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