Here are some old photos, taken before we had a digital camera, that have been scanned in for this page. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

jen92.jpg (41550 bytes) Jennifer xmas92-bikes.jpg (41124 bytes) Abi and Jennifer on their new bikes
may92.jpg (63770 bytes) Lindsey, Abigail, Adrian and Jennifer rufusstone92.jpg (33331 bytes) Paul and the children at the Rufus stone in the New Forest where Sir Walter Tyrrell killed the King. 
xmas92.jpg (47072 bytes) Children - Xmas 1992 xmasdinn92.jpg (43166 bytes) Christmas dinner, Anne, Grandma and the children.
Abi's birthday 1992 The girls
Brean Sands Swaledale
Highcliffe Tan Hill Inn, N.York Moors
Jennifer, Xmas Kisdon Force
Anniversary presents Paul and Anne - 15th Anniversary, Farnborough
Anne, Ebbor Gorge Adrian Carting
Family at pub by river Preston Park, Stockton
Lindsey in Brownies Adrian and Lindsey in sea at Highcliffe
The bees ! Garden at Farnborough    

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