Here are some old photos, taken before we had a digital camera, that have been scanned in for this page. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

Imag21.jpg (72989 bytes) Adrian and Lindsey in Cove Senior school uniform Image2.jpg (28748 bytes) Jennifer starting at Manor Infant School
Image1.jpg (71932 bytes) Paul, Adrian, Lindsey, Abigail and Jennifer in the Yorkshire Dales Image10.jpg (64659 bytes) Anne at Ebbor Gorge
Image11.jpg (63435 bytes) On the beach Brean Sands Image3.jpg (64905 bytes) Our Foutrak going through the Watersplash famous in 'All Creatures Great and Small'
Image4.jpg (103055 bytes) Tea shop the Yorkshire Dales Image5.jpg (66997 bytes) In the Yorkshire Dales
Image6.jpg (89077 bytes) Anne, Abigail and Jennifer in Preston Park Museum, Stockton Image7.jpg (36227 bytes) Jennifer in her 'Belle' dress
Image8.jpg (56490 bytes) Anne and Jennifer Image9.jpg (75328 bytes) Anne and Jennifer in the New Forest
aldridgehilljuly93.jpg (26551 bytes) Aldridge Hill Campsite, New Forest Aldridge Hill
longbeech93.jpg (52389 bytes) Camping at Longbeech Campsite, New Forest Adrian 13, New cricket bat !
Adrian 13, New cricket bat ! havenhastings93.jpg (40650 bytes) Haven, Hastings
Coombe Haven Hastings
Hastings, Haven Longbeech, New Forest
Adrian 13 Adrian, New Forest
Manor School Fete Yesterdays' World, Battle
Roller coaster, Hastings Pier Haven

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