Here are some pictures from 1999 

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icstart1.jpg (73121 bytes) Adrian starting at Imperial College, October 1999 icstart2.jpg (109810 bytes) Adrian's residences at IC - Linstead Hall
jenbday.jpg (79130 bytes) Jennifer's 11th birthday mottisfont abbey.jpg (62290 bytes) Anne and Jennifer at NT property Montisfont Abbey
pauljen.jpg (35443 bytes) Paul and Jennifer paulanne.jpg (35275 bytes) Paul & Anne off to the DERA Fellows dinner
new forest.jpg (109492 bytes) A day in the New Forest virginia water.jpg (91064 bytes) Virginia Water, Summer 99
wedding dress.jpg (42054 bytes) Anne - still fits perfectly into her wedding dress 22 years on vyne2.jpg (83163 bytes) At 'The Vyne', NT house at Basingstoke
rosie2.jpg (50007 bytes) Our dog 'Rosie' bernie.jpg (49643 bytes) Our budgie 'Bernie'

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