Our new home Adrian and Rosanna's Wedding

Other Pictures

Here are some general pictures taken during 2006. 
Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

Rabbit in our front garden Anne and Aunts walking back from the village pub, May 2006
Anne and her new car April 2006 Baby blackbirds in the heather outside our front door, April 2006
Abi in her new car, April 2006 Pheasant in our garden
Playing Badminton - Easter 2006 Playing Croquet - Easter 2006
Mark, Lindsey and Jen - Easter 2006 Chocolate Fountain - Easter 2006
We visited Longleat in May 2006, here is a picture of the Giraffes View over the fields from the village to our house
Lindsey and Marks' new flat in Farnborough, top left in the picture, March 2006 Ducks on the River Anton in Andover, May 2006
Grandad's Birthday, Andover June 2006 Sunset at the end of our garden, June 2006
Rooks and rabbit in our garden, May 2006 Anne at the Mayfly, Spring 2006
The Mayfly, Spring 2006 Cambridge Reunion, June 2006
Adrian's Birthday, 2006 Adrian, Abi and Jen, June 2006
Anne, Highcliffe, July 2006 Anne, Bath, August 2006
Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, Devon, August 2006 Jen, Nikki, Abi, Wookey Hole, August 2006
Paul and Anne, Wookey Hole, August 2006 Jen and Abi, Wookey Hole, 2006
Anne & Jessie, Village Fete Dog Show, September 2006 Lindsey and Marc - Lindsey's birthday, September 2006
Jen 18, September 2006 Jen 18, First legal drink !, September 2006
Jen opening presents, September 2006 Jen's 18th birthday party
Bouncy castle at Jen's 18th birthday party Our children and partners, September 2006
The children playing boules at home, September 2006 Travelling on Thames Ferry with Adrian and Rosanna, October 2006
Abigail's birthday, home, October 2006 Paul and Anne, October 2006
Lindsey and Marc, Home, Christmas 2006 Jen, Christmas 2006
Abi, Christmas 2006 Adrian and Rosanna, Christmas 2006
Jen, Christmas 2006 Adrian and Rosanna, Christmas 2006
Dinner, Christmas 2006 Anne, Christmas 2006


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