Arizona 2002

At the end of October 2002, Anne, Paul and Jennifer spent 10 days travelling around Arizona and Nevada. We flew to Phoenix then drove a large circle - to Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, up to Las Vegas then back to Phoenix. Here are just a few of the couple of hundred pictures we took !!:- 

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Our first hotel on arrival in Phoenix, the Fairfield Inn Our hotel in Flagstaff - Radisson Woodlands Hotel
The Grand Canyon, awesome, what more can you say. Voted by BBC as the top place to see before you die ! Rainbow in the Grand Canyon
Flagstaff Arizona, 8000 feet above sea level. From 86degrees in Phoenix to snow in the 12500 foot SanFrancisco Peaks just north of Flagstaff
SanFrancisco Peaks, Arizona Anne and Jennifer walking near Sedona
Sedona, cowboy town - we had lunch in the Cowboy Club ! The coloured rocks of the Painted desert north of Flagstaff
Monument Valley - we drove our 4x4 off road for 17 miles looking at this scenery Monument Valley - home of the John Wayne films !
Our car stopped in the Monument Valley Anne with our car, a Chevrolet Blazer, in the Monument Valley
Flagstaff Observatory - Clark telescope - used by Lowell when he thought he could see canals on Mars. Note car wheels used to rotate the dome. More information here. The Clark Telescope is a 24-inch refractor purchased for $20,000 by Percival Lowell in 1896. It is 32' long and still housed in its original dome.  

Paul in the visitor centre at Flagstaff Observatory

Flagstaff Observatory, Mars Hill - The dome housing the 13-inch astrograph used by Clyde Tombaugh to discover Pluto in 1930
Flagstaff Observatory - the telescope used by Clyde Tombaugh to discover Pluto in 1930. The Arizona meteor crater near Flagstaff. It is nearly a mile across and 550' deep. It was formed 50,000 years ago. More information here.
Hoover Dam between Arizona and Nevada Our Hotel in Las Vegas, the Excalibur
View from our hotel room in Las Vegas The 'Strip' from the Stratosphere tower
Paul and Anne The Venetian Hotel - all indoors !
'St.Marks Square' - The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas The Casino in the Excalibur Hotel
'Statue of Liberty', New York Hotel, Las Vegas Gambling in the Casino
Paul in Cowboy town Wickenburg Wickenburg Arizona

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