Every year and sometimes twice a year we have a reunion with three of Paul's university friends and their families. We rotate venues around Farnborough, Abingdon, Southwell and Hampton. This started off as 8 people, but escalated to 20 when all the children came along !! This is falling now as they go off to university themselves and do other things - so we might get back to meetings of just the eight of us again sometime soon !! 

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frn1.jpg (61947 bytes) Farnborough 1997 frn2.jpg (83362 bytes) Hawley Lake, Farnborough 1997
abing1.jpg (55058 bytes) Stuart punting, Abingdon 1998 abing2.jpg (52421 bytes) Jennifer and Leah, Abingdon 1998
abing3.jpg (51109 bytes) Roger punting the young lads, Abingdon 1998 abing4.jpg (70520 bytes) Ian and family punting, Abingdon 1998
abing5.jpg (57783 bytes) Paul punting with Anne and Abigail, Abingdon 1998 Cambridge Reunion, Abingdon, September 2001 - Lunch
Cambridge Reunion, Abingdon, September 2001 - Anne and Roger Cambridge Reunion, Andover, June 2006

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