FRANCE and the ECLIPSE 1999

In August 1999 we went to France and stayed in a cottage at Gournay sur l'Aronde just north of Compiegne. The cottage, Relais de la Poste, was an old barn conversion, very large and very quiet, with the French owner living next door. It was a great place to relax after our three hectic days in Eurodisney !!

Here are some of our photographs:-  

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cottage.jpg (80023 bytes) Our gite - Relais de la Poste drinksonterrace.jpg (67284 bytes) Anne and Paul enjoying drinks on the terrace
fronthouse.jpg (81431 bytes) Relaxing in the sun outside the cottage girlsroom.jpg (52016 bytes) The girls' room !!
compiegne.jpg (80499 bytes) Shopping in Compiegne  armisticewagoncompiegne.jpg (56848 bytes) Site of the armistice signing at the end of WW1
pierrefondscastle.jpg (62132 bytes) Pierrefonds castle castleinside1.jpg (51648 bytes) Anne inside Pierrefonds castle
castleinside2.jpg (41411 bytes) Jennifer inside Pierrefonds castle drawbridge.jpg (55205 bytes) The castle drawbridge
abipedolo.jpg (65202 bytes) Abigail on pedolo jenpedolo.jpg (85809 bytes) Jennifer on pedolo
teabylake.jpg (81589 bytes) Tea by the lake
eclipsewatchers.jpg (67956 bytes) Eclipse watchers totality.jpg (17354 bytes) The Eclipse

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