Holiday in Somerset 2000

Here are some photos from our Holiday in Langford Budville, near Wellington in Somerset. 
Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

pear tree cottage2.jpg (75257 bytes) Pear Tree Cottage pear tree cottage.jpg (70313 bytes) Anne and Jen, Pear Tree Cottage
anne tyre swing.jpg (62748 bytes) Anne on tyre swing jen tyre swing.jpg (40504 bytes) Jen on tyre swing
cardew pottery devon.jpg (63310 bytes) Cardew Pottery, Devon artists.jpg (85693 bytes) The Artists
Kilve Beach.jpg (71238 bytes) Kilve Beach knighthayes.jpg (58024 bytes) Knighthayes House (NT), Tiverton
Lins Graham Vineyard.jpg (69576 bytes) Lindsey & Graham, Stapleford Vineyard Wellington monument gun.jpg (66567 bytes) Wellington Monument Cannon
horse racing.jpg (71662 bytes) Horse Racing Wellington monument.jpg (53186 bytes) Wellington Monument
Abi bowling.jpg (22900 bytes) Abi Bowling Anne bowling.jpg (25240 bytes) Anne Bowling
Graham bowling.jpg (22619 bytes) Graham Bowling Lins bowling.jpg (23026 bytes) Lindsey Bowling
Paul bowling.jpg (24731 bytes) Paul Bowling Jen bowling.jpg (32750 bytes) Jen Bowling


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