In August we took Aunty Freda to Legoland and had a lot of fun !! 

Here are some of our photographs:-  

Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

balloon school.jpg (65019 bytes) Balloon School boating school.jpg (92311 bytes) Boating School
brighton pier.jpg (101471 bytes) Brighton Pier brighton.jpg (86073 bytes) Model of Brighton
car.jpg (67730 bytes) Skyriders carousel.jpg (75302 bytes) Aunts and Jennifer on the Carousel
carousel2.jpg (66682 bytes) Anne on the carousel chairs.jpg (136036 bytes) Aunts on the chairoplanes
driving school.jpg (78320 bytes) Jennifer passing her driving test on the driving school mining.jpg (54816 bytes) Aunts and Jennifer panning for gold
stpauls.jpg (78361 bytes) St Pauls Cathedral wheel.jpg (65878 bytes) On the big wheel

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