On Saturday 25th September we held an 18th birthday party for Lindsey at the Farnborough Community centre. Around 60 people attended, a mixture of Lindsey's friends, Anne and Paul's friends and relations. It was a great evening culminating in a classic rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Adrian, Lindsey and Graham and friends featuring air guitars. Here is the evidence !!

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cake.jpg (67489 bytes) Candles and Cake family.jpg (44679 bytes) The family having fun !!
lins&anne.jpg (52623 bytes) Lindsey and Anne - do their bums look big in this ?!? lins&anne2.jpg (63516 bytes) Lindsey and Anne on the floor !
dancing.jpg (47315 bytes) On the floor with 'Superman' Mike dancing2.jpg (45738 bytes) General dancing
dancing3.jpg (44609 bytes) Graham 'stop that' !! aunts&abi.jpg (65763 bytes) Abigail and Aunty Freda
girls.jpg (54700 bytes) Girls dancing - where's the handbag ? ade&mates.jpg (55185 bytes) Adrian, Andy and mates - the beer is having some effect !
travolta.jpg (36325 bytes) Adrian 'Travolta' Curtis lins&jen.jpg (53012 bytes) Lindsey and Jennifer
linsgrand.jpg (30405 bytes) A waltz - with Lindsey and Grandad linsgrand2.jpg (35633 bytes) Close up during the waltz
lins&jif.jpg (47140 bytes) Watch those hands Jif ! ade&jif.jpg (29562 bytes) Adrian and Jif
ade&mates2.jpg (56628 bytes) Everyone get up then down ! backinanger.jpg (51604 bytes) Don't look back in anger
bohemian.jpg (55046 bytes) They all know the words to Bohemian Rhapsody ! bohemian2.jpg (54280 bytes) And into the Bohemian guitar solo !!
adr1.jpg (37985 bytes) Adrian showing off !! adr2.jpg (33880 bytes) Adrian again!
general.jpg (52515 bytes) The revelers  grouphug.jpg (32840 bytes) Group hug !!!
kdsdance2.jpg (47760 bytes) The Spice Girls impression !! beerbalance.jpg (44434 bytes) Beer balancing !!

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