Jennifer's Nativity 1999

On 19th December 1999 Jennifer staged a nativity play at home in Farnborough. All parts except the sheep were played by Jennifer !!! Here are some the photos.

Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

1mary.jpg (40810 bytes) Mary 2angel.jpg (60760 bytes) The Angel
2angelb.jpg (62084 bytes) The Angel again 3marypregn.jpg (44447 bytes) Mary pregnant with Jesus
4marydonkey.jpg (36169 bytes) Mary on the Donkey (computer chair!)  5raffle.jpg (37323 bytes) Half time - raffling the chocolates donated by sponsors !
6king.jpg (37073 bytes) First King 7king.jpg (38108 bytes) Next King
8shepherd.jpg (56972 bytes) The Shepherd 9herod.jpg (48344 bytes) The baddie - King Herod
10angelreturn.jpg (59052 bytes) The Angel returns at the end 11graham.jpg (53120 bytes) Graham providing backing in air guitar

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