Christmas 2000

Here are some photos from Christmas 2000 at home in Farnborough. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

Image10a.jpg (46041 bytes) Christmas dinner Image1a.jpg (35108 bytes) Wake up Adrian - it's 6am Christmas Day !!
Image2a.jpg (47270 bytes) Ready, Steady, Go ! Image3a.jpg (41147 bytes) Abigail opening her presents
Image4a.jpg (51138 bytes) Adrian with his new DVD drive Image5a.jpg (60653 bytes) Jennifer opening her presents
Image6a.jpg (43076 bytes) Jennifer with her new 'Millionaire' Game Image8a.jpg (40574 bytes) Lindsey, with her transparent keyboard and mouse
Image11a.jpg (44460 bytes) Jennifer opening her tree presents Image15a.jpg (41203 bytes) Anne
Image12a.jpg (33316 bytes) Lindsey and Abigail Image13a.jpg (43445 bytes) Adrian
Image14a.jpg (24358 bytes) Paul

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