Christmas 1998

Here are some photos from Christmas 1998 at home in Farnborough. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

abi-chair.jpg (73180 bytes) Abigail and inflatable chair abi-chairinflated.jpg (55395 bytes) Abigail with chair inflated
Xmas dinner98.jpg (69123 bytes) Christmas dinner lins-groovy.jpg (74796 bytes) Lindsey - groovy !!
abi-curtain.jpg (62137 bytes) Abigail - curtain present abi-totp.jpg (65262 bytes) Abigail - Top of the Pops
abi-dog.jpg (81815 bytes) Abigail and the dog abi-jen.jpg (73555 bytes) Abigail and Jennifer
adrian.jpg (76981 bytes) Adrian adrian-4player.jpg (63080 bytes) Adrian - 4 player playstation
anne.jpg (67739 bytes) Anne - tree present anne-dkny.jpg (55905 bytes) Anne - DNKY bag present
jen-po.jpg (76943 bytes) Jen and teletubby Po jen-presents.jpg (73994 bytes) Jennifer and her presents
jen-spaceballs.jpg (94052 bytes) Jen and Hoppin, Poppin Spaceballs jen-steptune.jpg (79175 bytes) Jen and Step-a-tune
jen-videos.jpg (82104 bytes) Jennifer and her new videos lins-makeupbox.jpg (71104 bytes) Lindsey and Make-up box

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