Christmas 1999

Here are some photos from Christmas 1999 at home in Farnborough. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

xmasdinner99.jpg (63543 bytes) Christmas dinner saucysailorpevbay.jpg (64444 bytes) Lunch at the Saucy Sailor, Sovereign Marina, 27th Dec
Image3.jpg (56886 bytes) Jennifer and her new CD player Image4.jpg (49450 bytes) Lindsey and her new CD player !
Image2.jpg (33815 bytes) Adrian - 'I can't find my glass !!' Image5.jpg (56099 bytes) Jennifer and her Furby Baby
Image6.jpg (57622 bytes) Adrian and his set of Bond Videos Image7.jpg (53270 bytes) Abigail - Friends teashirt
Image8.jpg (63146 bytes) Jennifer - Rugrats calendar  Image9.jpg (50849 bytes) Lindsey - The Spy who shagged me !
Image10.jpg (58555 bytes) Jennifer- cuddly toy ! Image11.jpg (49672 bytes) Abigail
Image12.jpg (58123 bytes) Lindsey - Cuddly slippers Image13.jpg (72921 bytes) Jennifer - Rugrats print shop 
Image14.jpg (40462 bytes) Lindsey modeling her dressing gown Image15.jpg (64216 bytes) Children with presents
Image16.jpg (43422 bytes) Anne and her presents Image17.jpg (25102 bytes) Paul and his presents
grandmas.jpg (65115 bytes) Grandma, Adrian and Anne

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